Style Mint

I've heard so many great things about Style Mint, but I still haven't joined. Just the fact that MK and Ashley are behind the company give me confidence! But also, I love the different styles of shirts they offer. My personal favorites are the ones with writing on them! 

What do you guys think of StyleMint? Is it worth a try?


  1. I received a shirt from StyleMint but I wasn't 100% happy with the quality. They're nice shirts but I don't think I'd wanna pay for one every month. I'm not THAT into t-shirts but that's just me.


  2. Thanks for you honest opinion! A very helpful comment! @Katie's Bliss

  3. I still haven't signed up yet, not sure if I want to get any of the shirts but I'm hoping they add more variety of items!

  4. I loveee stylemint! I have 3 shirts from there and they are all wonderful quality. <3



  5. I probably won't sign up for it but seems like a interesting concept..are stylemint, shoemint, and jewelmint all connected?

  6. It is definitely worth a try. I signed up the second it was launched, and I am so happy with the shirts I've gotten from them!


  7. I really wish MK and Ahsley would make a more affordable line.. I love their style but their prices are totally out of reach for me. This Tshirt line is a great start to that though.


  8. For $30 I can pick out my own adorable shirt and I'll be more proud that I picked it out than someone MK and A vaguely remember hiring as tee shirt consultant. I didn't see anything on their site that I couldn't find a cuter version of elsewhere for cheaper. Not very impressed. Now Myglam.com, at $10 a month, that I might try.
    Oh, off my soap box now. I just found your blog and love it! Needless to say, I'm a follower! Hope you'll stop by 4scarlet.com and say hi and follow back. XO

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  9. I haven't tried them either but been reading all about it on the blogs...apparently the softest coziest tees out there right now...and super affordable too! Hope they're right!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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  10. Thanks for all of the helpful comments! I love that I got a variety of responses (the good and the bad)! I will always turn to my readers for advice. You're all awesome!

  11. I think it might be worth a try but I personally think that some of their tops look like you could easily find something similar at Forever21. If you're gonna spend $30 on a shirt, it better be amazing :D