Dress to Impress

Guess who's in Boston right now? Moi.

I move into my dorm tomorrow morning! It has finally hit me; the fact that I'm going to college. I guess I thought that I was going to be stuck in high school forever. Anyways, I've been thinking a lot about what I'll be wearing for classes and other school events. I actually found a really great site called College Fashionista a couple months ago. Since discovering it, I've been doing some research on what college students across the country dress on campus. I want to make sure I start off on the right foot and show people what my style is. I found a couple of inspirational shots from J.Crew's site and I love all of these looks. You really can't go wrong with any of them. What's your favorite?


  1. ♥ looove the first one!!!
    have a nice day!!


  2. Number 4, definitely :)

    x Eline - www.onhighheels.be

  3. Cheers to your first your of college!! Have a blast, doll. :)

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    xx Love & Aloha

  4. good luck moving in and best of luck for your freshman year! such an exciting time. for school, my favorites would be the top two looks. they're both casual but still stylish! x

  5. How exciting for you! This is such a memorable time! My favorite look is the top left, although all are inspiring! Good luck to you on your new chapter!

  6. mmm look really good :D
    nice !
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